Tagging Instructions

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Please be sure to secure tags to everything you bring. If your tag gets separated from your item, we CANNOT sell it. It is recommended for sets with multiple items that you copy your main tag and secure to each item (i.e.: item 1 of 1, item 2 of 2, item 3 of 3).

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Bring only shoes that are in like new condition to sell. Smaller shoes can be placed in a Ziploc bag with the tag taped to the outside of the bag. Be sure not to cover the barcode with tape. That will make the barcode unreadable and hard to remove at checkout.

Shoes should be connected together with ribbon, string or zip ties via lace holes or loops on the back.  No shoes in boxes will be accepted. Be sure that shoes are clean and in EXCELLENT condition. Clean out any debris from Velcro. Check bottom of shoes for any debris in the treads of the shoe. Consider placing masking tape with your Consignor ID & Price in each shoe in case tag becomes detached.

Be sure that your toys are clean. Wipe down any dust or dirt.
If toys require batteries they must have working ones installed at the time of sale. People like to hear and see what a toy does. If toys come with small pieces these can be put into a Ziploc bag and attached to the toy. Please be sure that the top is taped to keep from opening at the sale Add your consignor number to bag so if detached from item we know where the lost piece goes. Be sure that all pieces are included in games and puzzles.

Bouncers, Highchairs, Strollers, Exersaucers
Be sure that all are in clean condition. If you have instructions, and or warranty information please be sure to add them in a Ziploc bag and have it attached to item. If this item is still available and is a high priced items print item description that is provided online to show buyer what a great deal that they are getting.

DVD’s must be in the original package and in perfect working condition.

Wooden puzzles with pieces that will fall out should be wrapped in Syran wrap with the tag taped to the front or back.

You may want to sell a few books as a set. Example if you have several board books put in Ziploc bag together and price for set. You may also package your books together with string or ribbon. Secure from top to bottom and size to side, like a gift would be wrapped.


If you have items that can be grouped together such as a group of “Cars” vehicles you can put them in the same bag and sell as a group item. Other examples: Socks, safety items. Action figures, dress up items, puzzle pieces.  

To donate or not to donate?
You can choose to donate all, a few, or none of your items.  Just always keep in mind, any items not picked up during consignor pick up times will be donated.

Please refer to our pricing guide for suggested pricing. Pricing is your final decision, these are just recommendations.  We highly recommend you price to sell and choose sell your items 1/2 off during the last hour of the sale.

Tagging supplies such as tagging guns and barb fasteners, and safety pins are available on Ebay for reasonable prices.  Safety pins and Hangers are usually available inexpensively at your local dry cleaner. Staples or Walmart is a good place to find cardstock.

Photo: Consignors!!!  Have you purchased your tag gun yet? You can find one here for $7.99 with 1000 barbs including shipping. So much easier/cheaper than safety pins :) www.bargainprice4u.com

 Have you purchased your tagging gun yet?
You can find one here for $7.99 with 1000
barbs including shipping.
So much easier/cheaper than safety pins. Click photo above to go to vendor’s website. ****If you edit anything in the system, including whether or not to half price or discount an item, you must print a new tag. Please do not make any hand-written changes on your tag.
The price that scans on the bar code is the price the item will be sold for. No exceptions.