Items Accepted

We take MOST items infants thru pre-teens.

Clothing and shoes (sizes newborn through Juniors 14/16)

All shoes and clothing must be in excellent condition. No exceptions!
  • Spring Sale – Only Spring/Summer clothing allowed (long pants allowed but no cords, fleece or wool)
  • Fall Sale – Only Fall/Winter clothing allowed (short sleeves are allowed)
  • Limit of 50 total clothing items in the 0-18 month sizes per gender.
  • Toys, games and puzzles
  • Indoor and outdoor play equipment and ride-ons
  • Halloween costumes-will be accepted as long as there are no holes or stains and all pieces of a set are included Please follow guidelines for hanging clothing and place small pieces like wigs, makeup, hats etc. in a Ziploc bag and attach with pins to costume. Please no adult costumes.
  • Cribs and Mattresses – Mattresses will only be accepted when included with a crib or cradle.
  • Furniture-Toddler beds, bassinets, changing tables, dressers.
  • Baby Equipment (high chairs, swings, strollers, bouncy chairs, exersaucers, etc.)
  • Linens – crib linens and children’s linens
  • Nursery Décor/Bedding
  • Furniture – cribs, rocking chairs, changing tables, dressers, beds, etc.
  • Books, DVDs (we accept DVDs for kids and for parents), Music

Please note: Used Car Seats will be accepted for this sale but a signed history checklist & waiver form must be attached to it at consignor drop-off.
Buyers will also be required to sign the form at time of purchase.

Car Seat History Checklist & Waiver

Due to FDA Updates about Breast Pumps: Tots To Teens, LLC will only accept the following pumps which are designed to be used by multiple mothers. These pumps operate on a “closed system”, meaning that it is impossible for milk to reach the mother hence these are safe to be used by multiple users.

  • Hollister Elite® Hollister Lact-e®
  • Hollister SMB® Breast pump®
  • Medela Classic® Breast pump
  • Medela Lactina® Breast pump
  • Medela Symphony® Breast pump
  • Bailey Nurture III®

No Recalled Items

Please make sure to check to see if any of your items are on any of these recall lists. Tots to Teens, LLC takes our children’s safety very seriously and you are responsible for making sure your items are eligible for resale.

 Thank you in advance.

Guidance for Retailers and Resellers of Children’s Products

Links to toy recalls for the past three years

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Child Seat Recall Campaign Listing

Items that are not accepted

  • Drop-sided cribs and cribs manufactured before June 201
  • VHS tapes and DVD’s that are not in original case.
  • Stuffed animals that are not in MINT Condition.
  • Stained items.
  • Clothing with holes.
  • Broken items.
  • Items that are missing pieces.
  • Electronic items that aren’t working or without batteries.
  • Used pacifiers or bottle nipples.
  • Used underwear. Any recalled items. Please be a responsible seller. Check:
  • Please also make sure your items are not on the following Recall List.

    Note to consignors: Based on feedback from our shoppers and consignors, we have decided to accept infant clothing sizes 0-6 months. You may now consign this size but will be limited to a total of 50 hanging items per gender of 0-18 months.