How it works

Getting Started

After you register you are ready to get started.
Prepare you items using the guidelines provided by Tots to Teens Consignment.

1. Visit tagging instructions page for tips on preparing items. All clothing must be on hangers.

2. Visit pricing guidelines page for tips on how to price your items.

3. Click the link below to enter your items in our free barcoding software. You choose what items to donate and which ones to sell 1/2 off during our last hour.

NOTE TO CONSIGNORS: Please do not tape over the bottom barcode on your tags! In order to speed up the checkout lines we will be cutting tags and this will slow down the process

item entry and tag printing

Based on feedback from our shoppers and consignors, we have decided to accept infant clothing sizes 0-6 months. You may now consign this size but will be limited to a total of 50 hanging items per gender of 0-18 months.

***A note for Returning Consignors***

You will be able to activate tags for items that didn’t sell at a past sale by registering as a returning consignor! 
Important: Only activate the items that you physically have in your possession.  The system might list “ALL” items you have entered for past sales, including items that have sold.  Activating all of these items will cause your inventory list to be incorrect and your sold items report for the current sale will contain items that have already sold.  Tots To Teens, LLC will not be responsible for inventory that is “missing” from your sold report. Click link below to get started!

Click link below to get started!

Register as Previous Consignor


click here to Sign up for Drop-Off Appointment

Consignor Checklist for Drop-Off
With so much to do to get ready for the big sale it is easy to overlook something. We have put together a checklist to help make it easier to make sure you are ready when you arrive at the drop-off location. Click the link below for the printable checklist.

Consignor Checklist for Drop-Off


Before You Come to Drop Off 

1. Double-check that all of your items have a tag securely attached.

2. It is recommended that you pack your items in large plastic bins or bring a rolling cart/wagon so that it is easier to unload your items into the building. ——————————————————————————–

Bring With you to Drop Off

1. Your self addressed stamped envelope so we can send you your check.

2. Your tagged items for the sale

3. Your pre-sale shopping skills ——————————————————————————–

When You Arrive

1. Look for signs that will direct you to the drop-off location.

2. Leave your items in the car and check-in at the consignor registration desk.

3. Once you have been checked in you may begin unloading your items into the building.  ——————————————————————————–

Pick Up 

1. Pick up will be Sunday 3-4:00pm sorted (2:00 non-sorted)
2. We will do our best to help sort your items after the sale. Volunteers will be available to help.

3. Items not picked up at the end of the designated pick up time will be donated. 

4. Don’t forget to check the Lost & Find and Items w/ Missing Tags. 

5. Tots to Teens Consignment is not responsible for missing items.  We will do our best to sort larger items and may assist/sort clothing for consignors with several hundred items at pickup, however you should plan to spend additional time at pickup and will be asked to find your own clothing on the racks. Volunteers will be available to assist you. ——————————————————————————–

Number Of Items To Consign Tots to Teens recommends you have at least 20 items to consign or a minimum of $100 of merchandise to make it worth your time and to receive an acceptable return on your items. There will be a limit of (50) hanging outfits per gender for sizes 0-18 months. Consider matching up your pants and shirts into one hanging outfit. The limit is (50) total, not (50) in each size. (NEW ITEMS WITH TAGS are NOT be counted in this limit) To maximize sales, follow suggested tips on getting items ready and tell all your friends about Tots to Teens.